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November Actor of the Month

Katie Kuang is an energetic NY Based actress who works with a childlike imagination to bring her characters to life. She dreams of starring in an action-dramedy, like Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality because, “I want to show that women can play funny, intelligent, and BADASS characters too.” Being funny comes easily to this natural who also trained at UCB and the Pit. She just wrapped a sketch comedy series, and has appeared in numerous commercials, indie shorts, and feature films. She also is a highly skilled dancer, fluent in Cantonese, and ASL!

LA based actor Thomas Fairell is a Southeast market original who has been in several projects such as Still Broke (catch it on Amazon!), Cocaine Sisters and Da Bottoms (in post) to name a few over the last year. Thomas has been featured in films ranging from comedy to action to drama. He has trained at IDSA as well as completed a Tasha Smith workshop. He aspires to tap into every genre of filmmaking. He is also skilled at combat and shooting, and has real life experience from Law Enforcement prior to his full jump into acting! Thomas is also very athletic and played semi-pro football in his not too recent past. One more fun fact-he does a great African accent!

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