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The Team

Who We Are


Malissa Young

Founder & CEO & Talent Manager

Malissa Young created Malissa Young Management in 2018 with the primary goal of helping actors turn their dreams into reality. It was the logical next step in a career and a path that included dabbled in acting, immersed in entrepreneurship, founded BICOASTAL MGMT, and touched on yoga teaching along the way. Her love of networking and connecting, as well as rapidly growing businesses, and desire for helping others all combined under MYM. Because of Malissa’s genuine love for her clients and work she has been called a “fairy godmanager” and “people curator” (thanks for these creative titles to Lynn Kim Do)! She is also a mother, wife, foodie, environmentalist, yoga & nature lover! Malissa’s favorite quotes are “One foot in front of the other” and “Positivity breeds productivity!”

Josh Young


Josh Young studied Music at Cal State Northridge before studying English Lit at UCLA. Josh worked for one of the largest Rock N’ Roll Management companies in the industry, working with such acts as the Eagles, Chicago, and The Go Go’s to name a few. Josh Moved to NYC in 2003 and founded Brooklyn Boyz productions and booked concerts for the NY Mets Organization in Coney Island with bands such as Bjork, Snoop dog, Phish and the White Stripes. He then changed course and worked at Merrill Lynch for several years in Finance. Josh is an accomplished singer & songwriter who has released albums of his own under the name Joshua Young and still plays live shows occasionally.


Kerri Donnellan


Kerri Donnellan has been the Assistant for Malissa Young Management since September of 2021. Kerri was born and raised on Long Island where she studied acting at The Long Island High for the Arts. After High School, Kerri received her BA in Arts and Entertainment Industries Management from Rider University. Some of her hobbies include, singing, writing, and traveling.  She has lived in various cities including London, Los Angeles, and is now currently residing in New York City. With her great eye, networking skills, go get ‘em attitude and enthusiasm for the industry she is a wonderful member of the team! Her laughter also brings light to our hard working office!

Gabby Etzel

Junior Manager

Gabby Etzel graduated cum laude from Fordham University in 2022, completing her degree while interning for MYM. She went on to write breaking film news for several publications and co-founded the website “Absolutely Anything” to spotlight and connect with interesting voices in the arts. She’s excited to capitalize on her passion for the entertainment industry, knack for networking, and admiration for artists as a junior manager at MYM. She's also a competitive Brazilian Jiu Jitsu brown belt and spends her free time writing horror screenplays.

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