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February Actors of the Month!

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Maryssa Hayden seamlessly blends her native Californian charm with her UK and Latin roots. Fluent in both English and Spanish, Maryssa made her mark in local theater as a child before venturing into film and TV. Her career took off with national commercials and short films, culminating in recent standout performances in CBS's FBI which aired this month and AppleTV's Best Foot Forward.Maryssa's bubbly, natural, and expressive acting style allows her to effortlessly embody roles ranging from the high school mean girl to the optimistic college coed.

Maryssa's versatility shines through as she navigates diverse roles, showcasing her ability to breathe life into characters with authenticity and flair. Her journey from local theater to national productions reflects her passion for storytelling. Maryssa captivate audiences with her infectious energy and undeniable talent.

Maryssa trained at Cynthia Bain's Young Actor Studio in Studio City, and was a student at the US Performing Arts Camps at Pepperdine University in Malibu. She is currently studying at UC Santa Barbara where she studies sociology while continuing to working on her acting skills at Cynthia Bain.  She has stunt training from Stunt Kids Association of Hollywood. Maryssa is a Vegan who loves to protect animals, volunteer at animal shelters with the Looking Ahead Program, and spend time with friends and family when she is not acting or studying. Expect great things to come for this special young lady!

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Rich Henkels is no stranger to competition, being the 8th of 12 kids, he naturally took to acting discovering life itself was improv. He dipped his toe into the industry starting with MC'ing HS events, and eventually acting in school plays. He first began his professional career as a broadcast journalist, and enjoyed 15 years in TV News/Sports. There was a brief detour into a stable family business job, that he was able to leave a bit later in lfie at 55 to pursue acting full force.  If this year is any indication, it may be his best year yet, as he is already on his 3rd offer .... 2 Major Network Episodics airing in March and one Feature film to be exact.His extensive background includes training at T. Schreiber Studios and MelMack Acting Studio in NYC, Camillia Monet, Sharon Geller, Bill Roudebush, and others.

Rich seamlessly transitions between roles, tackling characters such as a divorced gardener, detective, doctor, senator, the original owner of the Green Bay Packers, a coach, and even a former CIA operative.

Rich's versatility extends beyond the screen, and he often creates content for brands from home in his home studio with a green screen and Source Connect. He also created (wrote, directed and starred in) a Pilot which has had numerous awards at various film festivals roughly based on his corporate experience, called Workforce.  As you can tell, Rich likes to keep busy, but when he has free time he loves outdoor sports like skiing and spending time with family and friends!

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