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Malissa Young Management

Malissa Young Management was a natural offspring of Malissa's first company, BICOASTAL MGMT, created in 2009. Her foray into management began quite organically but was a true calling as a natural networker and connector.  


Actors signed to Bicoastal often asked to get into rooms for auditions, so doing what she loves, making dreams come true, Malissa did her best to get it done. Reel edits, headshot selection, and pitching were becoming a regular part of her day, though BICOASTAL MGMT had been know as a model and talent agency in LA and model management company in NY that focused on fit models, fashion, commercial and print.


In order to truly function as a manager Malissa spun off Malissa Young Management in 2018 with a smaller selection of actors. With talent based in or surrounding NY, Atlanta, and CA, Malissa is now proud to have actors known for their roles in film, tv or stage productions that can be seen on network TV, Amazon, Netflix, and more.

Photo of CEO Malissa Young
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