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January Actor's of the Month

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Shahjehan Khan is an Earphones-Award winning narrator, Ambie and Webby-nominated podcaster, world-renown rock guitarist, and blooming actor. 

He was recently insulted by Tom on “SUCCESSION” (HBO), creeped around as Gordon Ramshaw in “Weekend at Blackthorne Manor” (LIFETIME), and is the FACE of Quan Chi in MORTAL KOMBAT 1.  He has just attached as a recurring character on a series currently shooting in Chicago-more on that later! 

Shahjehan started performing in front of his childhood bathroom mirror like many young suburbanites, wishing he was Kevin McCallister in Home Alone, or that his dad’s old tennis racket was an electric guitar like the one his hero in the Pakistani rock band Junoon played. Little did he know that one day, he would be invited to play solo on Junoon’s 20th anniversary album (even tour the world with his own bands The Kominas and Ravi Shavi), or that he’d get to stay in a hotel room next to Macaulay Culkin’s brother (thanks to his fabulous manager Malissa Young Management) Aw-thanks Shah ; ).

More dreams are about to come true for Shahjehan this year but none yet we can announce, so he will be continuing to exude gratitude for everything and everyone that has made this journey possible.

Click Headshot for Reel

Rachel Oremland is an East coast born and raised actress who recently made the move to LA and is happily living the bicoastal life-we love this for her!  After studying musical theater and screen acting at NYU Tisch, she remained in NYC booking theater, commercial, voiceover, TV, and film roles until the west coast bug bit.Rachel signed with Malissa in early 2022 and has seen a measurable increase in auditions and bookings since. She recently worked with Ridley Scott on a new Apple TV pilot and awaits the premiere of her costar appearances on Pretty Little Liars: Summer Camp and Ryan Murphy's new series Gladiator: An American Sports Story. You may also have seen Rachel in a national commercial spot for Toyota this past holiday season! She also happens to be a kick ass singer and dancer who never fails to impress us as we watch her MT tapes!A multi-faceted talent, Rachel recently scripted her first short film (with intentions to produce the piece later this year), and continues to hone her editing skills as a post production producer.  Aside from acting, Rachel's crazy about the outdoors and is living her best life getting outdoors and exploring more places for rock climbing, backpacking, and skiing!

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