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June Actor of the Month

LA based actress Marisa Brown, has played lead actress in too many films to count and is no stranger to network TV. Marisa can currently be seen on Netflix in the family drama, 'Riding Faith' and soon in the romantic comedy, 'Chasing the One' (debuting in Canada on June 20). Originally from Kentucky, she has worked in numerous commercials as well as film, television, and stage and dreams of being on a period piece TV show. When she isn't acting, she loves to travel, camp and hike with her husband, kids and dogs. 

Eric Stafford is a New York City born actor known for playing cerebral characters with a bend towards Sci-Fi. He recently wrote and directed the web series "Cerulean". Eric has a Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, is an avid Rock Climber and Surfer, and produced a documentary about POC's inclusion in the sports he loves. During the time he spent in the US Navy, he was a crew member on the aircraft carrier used in the film 'Flight the Intruder' starring Danny Glover. As an extra on set he had a conversation with Mr. Glover that set him on his path to becoming an actor.

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