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July Actors of the month

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Juan Carlos Diaz is a native New Yorker who began his acting journey with Malissa back in 2021 and has been hard at work and auditioning ever since.

In 2023, Juan Carlos had the opportunity to work on NBC’s Law & Order series again, as well as appearing in two short films that premiered in the Spring. Juan Carlos will be seen next on an Angel Studios production that just shot before the shut down. Another fun career highlight was playing Oscar De La Renta in 2021's Halston.

Most recently, Juan was invited as a Guest on an episode of the 'The Working Actor Road Map' Podcast.

Juan likes to spend much time enriching his creative palette and supporting the work of his peers and of the arts around him. He is eager for the enriching challenges and opportunities ahead!

Click Headshot for Reel

Emmy Wheeler is an international stage and screen actress, recently working on projects in Italy, the Dominican Republic, Los Angeles, and New Mexico. She can be seen in Hulu’s new psychological drama ‘Saint X’ or you can catch her in a soon to be released, highly-acclaimed crime drama on Starz.

Emmy spends most of her time in New York City where she’s starred in a handful of independent projects heading through the festival circuit, but she loves an excuse to travel for work. The foundation of her work is informed by her training at William Esper Studio.

When not on screen, Emmy is often road-tripping or pursuing adrenaline inducing activities like getting her motorcycle license or training in muay thai.

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