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November Actors of the Month

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Polly Kreisman-In the face of a pandemic and subsequent strike, Polly Kreisman sought a creative refuge during a hiatus from acting. The result was the co-creation of "Drama Queens," a TV pilot crafted over the summer with two colleagues. This comedic masterpiece, derived from an autobiographical short story, unfolds the tale of three actresses grappling with the hurdles of aging in an industry notorious for sidelining them.

Polly, a former Emmy Award-winning Investigative Reporter on NYC TV, seamlessly transitions between roles as an actor, reporter, and writer—each a testament to her innate storytelling prowess. Her recent collaboration with Malissa has yielded impressive results, including a booking in a compelling short film, a role on HBO's "The Girls on the Bus," and a supporting role in the Netflix production, "Mr. Harrigan’s Phone."

Despite her thriving acting career, Polly maintains a connection to journalism, overseeing one of the oldest community news sites in the country,, and contributing as a writer for Westchester Magazine. A New York City native and Cornell University graduate, Polly, now playing the role of a mom to college twins and two dogs, remains grounded in her diverse interests. From riding horses (English style) to indulging in Barre classes, and hiking trails worldwide, Polly embodies a life rich in experiences both on and off the screen.

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Rahmell Peebles is an accomplished actor, distinguished writer, and avid poetry enthusiast, with exceptional talent and drive. Notably, he clinched victory in the NBC Star project, a prestigious accolade sponsored by the American Black Film Festival. His Solo Show, Rahmell’s Inferno, further solidified his reputation by securing the title of Best Poetry Show at the renowned United Solo Theater Festival. Bravo, Rhamell!

Having honed his craft under the mentorship of theater and film luminaries like Spike Lee and John Barton, Rahmell has consistently displayed a commitment to excellence. In 2021, he marked his television debut on Queen Latifah’s "The Equalizer," marking a significant milestone in his career with a great scene.

In the early months of 2022, Rahmell joined Malissa Young Management and he has been diligently auditioning and landing impressive roles since then. This year, Rahmell achieved a major breakthrough by securing his first recurring role on NBC's "EAST NEW YORK" and a compelling Co-Star role on "FBI."

Beyond the spotlight, Rahmell embraces a dynamic lifestyle. Whether navigating the streets on his KLR 650 motorcycle or engaging in the rigorous training routines of boxing and MMA gyms, Rahmell's diverse interests reflect his passion for life both on and off the stage.

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