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August Actor of the Month

Bailey Ardies is an LA based actress who studied film at the university of Tulsa, improvisation at Groundlings and On Camera with Margie Haber Studio. She has a ton of theater experience and some notable Film/TV under her belt including appearances on Vice and This is Us.  During quarantine she has taken advantage of the time by participating in self tape challenges and also taking a zoom acting class with CD's Amber Horn and G Charles Wright. 

Amilcar Javier  is a bilingual New York City native, trained in improv & scene study with Anthony Abeson. Most recently, he wrote and starred in a grant winning short film whose L.A. premiere went virtual to an audience of over 3000 viewers. Amilcar has starred in many indie-films and shorts and has been a co-star on Orange is the New Black. He also has numerous instruments and dance skills including Saxophone, Salsa, Merengue and many more.

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