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June Actors of the Month

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Alexander Roberts is an actor and writer who splits his time between the coasts. He grew up in a military family, frequently moving around the country as well as overseas, and has developed, in the process, a bad habit of always needing to be on the go. On the bright side, he also learned to be a quick study on accents and has many in his back pocket including British, Australian and French. Fun fact, he sailed around the world when he was just 20!

Alexander received his BFA in Theater from the University of Virginia and is also a dual citizen of both the US and Holland-yay for the EU passport; and got his start in the theatre when he was just 10 years old after seeing a production of Macbeth (though he suggests that no 10-year-old should see Macbeth). Zander is currently a member of The Echo Theater Company. After signing with Malissa back in May of 2022, Alexander booked his first Top of Show Guest Star credit as 'Jason Tanner' in Season 5 of FBI (CBS)! In other recent releases you can also see Alexander playing a cop in Law & Order and a snobby sound mixer in The Game. He has multiple feature films on the horizon, as well as an appearance on a NBC show coming this fall. One of his career goals is to play the villian in a Fast and Furious movie, and become family in the next installment. As an artist, he is always only interested in the things that latch onto your heart and never let go: the unsaid, the silences, the space between the words, the sharp inhale before saying "I love you."

When not performing, he designs and builds weird furniture that lacks practical use but looks cool : )

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Tanya Everett was born in Massachusetts and moved to New York to pursue her career as an actor and writer. She is a Shakespearean and Meisner-trained actor who studied with Maggie Flanigan for two years, and she feels immense gratitude for her training. She can "repeat repeat" with the best of them!

As an actor, she has worked with Ron Cephas Jones, Russell G. Jones, and Carl Cofield, among others. In 2021, she signed with Malissa Young and shortly thereafter booked several projects. She was featured in the indie film "A Wounded Fawn," which premiered at TRIBECA and screened at film festivals worldwide in 2022.

She wrote and performed "Thousand Miles," which was nominated for a Drama League Award in 2021. She also has starred in and produced the short film "Without Scars," available on Amazon Prime. In the short film "One Sweet Night," she starred opposite J.D. Williams (Bodie on The Wire). Her performance as Antonia, opposite Ron Cephas Jones in Classical Theater of Harlem's production of "The Tempest," received rave reviews in The New York Times.

Her favorite roles are of protagonists who are surprising, messy, and off-beat. She has auditioned for everything from sociopaths to devoted mothers for stage and screen. She loves period dramas such as "Bridgerton" and character-driven dramas like "I May Destroy You" and "You."

As a writer, she is currently on strike with the WGA and fully supports all unions in meeting their fair contract demands! She received her MFA from Brooklyn College and has been working as a TV and screenwriter for several years.

When she is neither acting nor writing, Tanya enjoys activism, travel, homemade food, live performances, working with youth, and cuddling and communing with artistic spirits.

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