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April Actor of the Month

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

New Jersey native actress, Jayani Jalese has most recently booked a role in a short film titled Path to Peace. Meisner trained, Jayani is passionate about telling stories of people who fall victim to the rough side of life and also happens to be the Queen of creating her own monologues. One of her goals is to impact life by telling stories that both make people laugh and cry. You can also check her out in her latest TV appearance in Homicide City Charlotte.

Actor Nicholas Delany, has had a few career milestones happen within the last year. He landed his first co-star role on FBI as Greg Kennedy which paved the way for a few other great roles. Nicholas can be seen on Dispatches from Elsewhere, Tommy and Netflix's upcoming multi-camera sitcom, The Crew. He is dedicating this post to his former acting teacher, Wynn Handman, who died recently of Coronavirus. Wynn used to say, "Before I go on stage, I put a motor in my soul". Rest in Peace, Wynn.

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